Monday, August 17, 2015

Go Global

I am very excited to be a featured artist on the Mixed Media World blog.

I was thrilled when Ingrid contacted me and after checking out the blog, I was even more excited. She has great mixed media posts and wonderful ideas for inspired creating and sharing. I encourage you to take a look and more. Thank you Ingrid.

Friday, August 14, 2015

The New Book

It's available for pre-order
My fifth book is now available for pre-order and I've heard that it is North Lights #1 painting book being pre-ordered. I am very excited. This book has been very dear to my heart for the two years it has been in the making. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I have had fun creating it.

Seth Apter, mixed media instructor, author, designer and wonderful artist, linked my book in his blog, The Altered Page. He has been writing his blog for eight years now. I am impressed and I hope to follow in his footsteps. Check out all of his offerings, including a whole new mixed media line. Congratulations Seth!

I am also going to be featured in a blog post Sunday on Mixed Media World. This is a fantastic and creative blog hosted by Ingrid Kristina V out of the UK. Thank you Ingrid for inviting me to share. She is sponsoring some very fun art challenges and of course, she is all about textures. I love it!

Friday, July 31, 2015

Street View

I just posted some new texture images for free download. I will also be featured in a blog post next month on Mixed Media World. Check it out for great texture tips.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Be Transparent

Here is a fast and fun way to add a layer into your art. You know I'm all about the layers!
First find an image in a magazine you want to use. Grab some clear packing tape, scissors and a spray bottle with water and some sandpaper.


 Put the tape onto the front of the image you selected and trim away excess tape.

Rub the tape down onto the image. Check to make sure there are no air pockets.

Lightly sand the paper.

 Mist the back with water and begin to rub the paper off.
When you have all the paper off, let it dry. You may then see a paper haze. To remove this, moisten your fingers and rub off the paper, like rubbing the fuzz off as peach.

Adhere the transfer, tape side up, onto your painting using soft gel. Let it dry for a day or two.

 You can even cut up and add more transfers.

When the gel is completely dry and adhered to the surface you can then pull the tape off and your transfer will stay.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Get a jump start

This is a fun way to get a great background-Fast! It will work on paper, canvas or panel.

Begin with 2-3 paint colors plus white. Place drops around the
 surface and spray with water.

Place a piece of paper on top and begin to lightly 
drag, twist and turn the paper. The top sheet is being 
used as a brush to move your paint around.

Here I am using a deli sheet so you can see the paint 
below. Keep moving the paper around.

While the paint is still wet, drop some rubbing alcohol 
onto the surface to create pattern.

Blot any areas that have too much paint, let dry and 
you are ready to jump into your project.

Plus you have the bonus paper that was used as 
your brush. Gotta love it.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Art and Soul Student Features

Hi Everyone
I just returned from a wonderful trip to Portland, OR where I taught three workshops at Art and Soul. I will be featuring some of the work that the artists created in the workshops. These two pieces are created by Susan Schenk, who was a fellow instructor at the art retreat. These were made in the Transfer class and they are Wonderful. Please check out her web site too.

So all you other artists, get your photos to me soon and I will get them up here. Thank you all for a great time.

 art by Susan Schenk
Art by Susan Schenk

Thursday, January 29, 2015

A Few Days Left

The BOGOF special is available until the end of the month. I am reposting some pairs of paintings that are the same price, so you pay the listed price and you get a second painting of the same price or less for free. Shipping is free too! Find your paintings and email me to get them on their way.

 This painting has a special lacquer paint that acquires the look of hammered metal and it is painted on metal. Very unique! It is $650 for 2. Select

Retro side view with frame 16.5x13.5x1

 Another unusual painting in that I have used pigments mixed into the resin and I painted with the resin rather than paint. This one has incredible depth due to this technique. It has a shiny finish and there is collage embedded into the painting. This painting is $650 in the BOGOF deal.

side view with frame 14x11x1.5"

 This painting began with a layer of gold and transfers were added, Acrylic skins with beads are placed and it is finished with a shiny epoxy resin. This painting is $425 for 2. Select

side view 12x10x1.5

Jewel Box 11x9x2.5

 This painting has jewel like collage elements embedded into the gold leaf and there are gilded leaf skeletons incorporated also. The entire painting is sealed in a high gloss resin finish and mounted into an extra deep frame that can stand on its own. This painting is $425 for two.

side view

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A Good Match is Worth the Wait

I have selected a few more paintings from the BOGOF deal that I think pair up very well together. You get two paintings for the price of one,  including free shipping. Contact me to get your paintings. Happy New Year.

Just Sold! Inspiration Glows 11.5x9.5x1.25

Just Sold! side view with frame

 Even though these two paintings have very different finishes, I think the colors and textures play well off of each other. Inspiration Glows is a reverse painting on cast acrylic. All of the texture is on the back side so the surface remains very smooth. It has a shiny resin finish.

Saturn is the opposite with heavy textures built up that you just want to touch. There is plaster and glass beads embedded into the materials. The colors resonate with each other and it is like sweet and sour, they just go together. You may select both of these paintings for only $425 and it is free shipping. Select these two.

Just Sold! Saturn 11x9x1.5

Just Sold! Saturn-side view

Here are two more small paintings that pair together very nicely. They are only $225 for both!

Sold Aria

Sold Aria side view

These two paintings are another quirky pair because they are two different surfaces. Aria is painted on a mirrored cast acrylic surface. It shows wonderful depth and it is finished with a high gloss resin.

New Leaf, is venetian plaster painted with acrylic and finished with Beeswax. There is an actual leaf skeleton embedded into the plaster and wax. These are two that many folks wouldn't think of to put together but I think they pull together textures and surfaces and colors very nicely.

New Leaf

side view New Leaf
Heck you could even get all four of these paintings for only $650. My paintings are only this price once a year, so take advantage,

Scroll down through all the older posts to see other paintings that are available.

Monday, January 12, 2015

BOGOF continues

Hi Everyone
I have decided to continue the Buy One Get One Free painting deal through the end of the month. I have posted 64 paintings, and although many have already found new homes, there are still some beauties available. Here are some that go together well that are still available. I will be posting different combinations I think work together well.

Check these out and email me with your selections. You get 2 paintings for the price of one and free shipping too!

Sold Flow Like the Sound 8x8x2
 Acrylic on canvas with a super shiny resin finish.

Sold Flow-side view with frame

Simplify 8x8x2

This painting is also on canvas with a super shiny resin finish. Both of these paintings incorporate many layers of paint and transfers.

Simplify-side view with frame

These paintings are $225 for both and include shipping.

Facets 9x7x1.5
This little gem has a sparkle to it like facets in a gemstone. It has a shiny finish and wonderful texture. It is painted on a clay coated wood panel. This painting is $225 for two.

Facets-side view with frame

New Directions 8x8x2
This little painting has it all: gold leaf, crackles, texture and vibrant color. It is painted on a wood panel and it is finished with a gloss acrylic finish. This painting is $225 for 2.

New Directions-side view with frame
These two paintings are also $225 for two including shipping. Email me to add these to your collection.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Week Eight

The Final Postings for the Eight Weeks of Giving
A Buy One Get One Free Painting Special

So here are the final eight paintings. There are still many available, so check out all the weeks to find your favorites.

mixed media painting with iridescent colors
Song Clouds 11x9x1.5
This wonderful painting has great depth, texture and iridescent colors. Your eyes move in and out of the clouds. The painting is on panel and has a soft satiny finish. It is $425 for 2. Select

abstract mixed media by Sandra Duran Wilson
Song Clouds side view

colorful square painting
Sold Old World Charm 9x9x1.5

This painting is one from my next book which is on Faux Encaustic. It is painted on a panel and then there is a layer of a special material that has paint and transfer on both sides. This painting has incredible depth and it looks like wax, but it's not. It is $325 for 2. Select

painting by Sandra Duran Wilson
Sold Old World Charm side view

textures, crackles and collage
Sold Strata 11x9x1.5

The rich colors, textures and crackles are so much fun. This painting is like the layers of earth and stone. There is even a painted leaf skeleton embedded into the strata. $425 for 2. Select

colorful abstract textural painting
Sold Strata side view

text and geometery in painting
Sold Geometric Dance 11x9x1.5
This painting makes geometry look easy. Transparent transfers reveal underlying resists and the writing is on a silk tissue paper that is embedded into the layers. $425 for 2. Select

mixed media painting by Sandra Duran Wilson
Sold Geometric Dance side view

collage painting
Sold Corsican Flowers 7.5x7.5x1.5
This fun little painting has loads of texture and layers. There is collage, drawing and stenciling all combined on a panel with a waxy looking finish. This painting is only $225 for 2. Select

Sold Corsican Flowers side view

resin and gold painting
Sold Venus 9x11x1.5
This is a painting on cast acrylic. It has several layers that are combined using resin. The back layer is a gold layer that reflects the light back out to the viewer. It is only $425 for 2. Select

resin collage painting
Sold Venus side view

resin and cast acrylic
Sold The Observatory 11x13.5x1.5
Here is another painting using resin layers. This one has a panel background and several layers of thin acrylic that is painted, printed and combined with a high gloss resin. $650 for 2. Select

abstract space painting by Sandra Duran Wilson
Sold The Observatory side view

abstract collage painting
Visions 9x7x1.5

This little gem has it all: textures, transfers, collage, gold leaf, silver, writing and painted fabric. It is all on a panel and has a soft satin finish. This painting is only $225 for 2. Select

text and textures
Visions side view

The Other Side

The Other Side
4-panel commissioned painting