Tuesday, December 23, 2008

More Snow

It is beautiful outside. I have been out knocking snow off the branches of our pinon trees. There is about a foot of snow and more coming down. I love this time of year, not so much the cold, but how the days will begin to get longer. We were in Albuquerque on the solstice so yesterday I did my intentions and ceremony for the new year. Playfullness, seeing beyond perceived duality and going into the shadows for answers came up in my reading. I look forward to this time of change. Yes it is difficult, but great gifts can come in strange packages. I look for this time to give my artistic voice more authenticity, more depth and greater compassion.

When the days are long and warm it is easy to be outside of oneself, but when the nights are long it is time to go inside the cave and let the eyes adjust to see what is usually not visible in the bright light of the day.

Sales may be low and the economic outlook glum, but that is just the final sum in the artist's equation. Now is the time to go to the source, to refine techniques, to explore new areas and to work alone. In the spring emerge from the cave and share the results. Bring to light that which was hidden. This is the job of artist.

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Anonymous said...

Princess of paint? Should that be The Pagan of paint? ;-)

The Other Side

The Other Side
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