Thursday, January 15, 2009

Creative Challenge

Here is the creative challenge for the week. Take an old or unfinished painting that you are ready to rework and gesso over parts of it. Collage and mixed media artists always have bits and pieces of papers and scraps left over from other projects. Grab a handful, or like me, use what's left on the table to create a collage over the old painting. Give yourself a timetable to finish and limit the materials to what you grabbed. The time could be anywhere from one hour to three depending on the size of the piece. Finish it within that time. Have it glued down. You can always go back over it later with paint or drawing, but the challenge is to finish the collage now. Don't judge, just jump in and do it. It is, after all, a creative challenge. Let me see how it goes.

1 comment:

Paula Scott said...

Good advice! Especially about just gessoing over PARTS of it. I've gone over the entire thing, but the "parts of it" really appeals to me.

The Other Side

The Other Side
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