Friday, February 6, 2009

Inspiration and Creation

February is zipping past me. I do believe that the time space continuum has folded in upon itself, and I am seeing time condensed. The sun is lingering a bit longer, and I feel the seeds of creation stirring beneath the snow. This is the time of year to look to unusual places for inspiration. "First thought" is a game I like to play. I look upon a blank page or canvas, and what is my first thought. Is it a color, a shape, a number, an idea or a symbol? I find the patterns in the thawing soil intriguing. You may see cloud patterns or shadows on rocks. Take a photo of your inspiration. Play with it in a computer program or collage it into your work. Begin a free association with the photo, see where it leads you. Do the same thing with a color. Think of a color, and use the first color that comes to mind. You can of course mix it with other colors. See where your first thought leads you, and be not afraid.

Send me your creations and I will post them here.

Here is one of my inspirational photos.

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Paula Scott said... you want me to send the source of the inspiration or the end result?

The Other Side

The Other Side
4-panel commissioned painting