Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Just Let Go and Flow


This painting began life as what I call my throw away piece. I always keep a canvas, panel or paper around that I will add leftover paint and mediums onto. This keeps them out of the sink and trash, a good green practice. I layer colors that I may never have thought of doing in a regular painting. Mediums get layered over what came before. Soon I find myself with a great background. I then finish the painting and it often becomes one of my favorite "masterpieces". Try this. You will find yourself loosening up because you are not so attached to the outcome. You may discover some awesome combinations that you would never have tried. I dare you. Go ahead and let your throw away piece become your masterpiece.


E Makes Art said...

I just tried this recently on a small canvas and love the way it turned out! Now reading this I'm going to be sure to keep the practice going. It's nice not to waste and create something new at the same time! Thanks for inspiring me further!


Sandra Duran Wilson said...

That is great, and it is the nonattachment that usually helps the art become its' best.

The Other Side

The Other Side
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