Saturday, January 28, 2012

We Are All Connected 26x26" copyright 2012
Sandra Duran Wilson
When I think about what the creative process involves, I know that it isn't done in isolation. I am constantly looking and seeing images around me and some I resonate with and some get filed away in the back room of my mind. These feelings, sounds, thoughts, etc that get filed away are many times the ones that influence my work the most. 
I create from several different mindsets, often simultaneously. I may be working on a painting that I have already sketched out and done the preliminary color testing. I may have another painting in process that is nearing completion and I need to have a bit of dialogue with it in order to hear where it needs to go to be finished. And then, I always keep another surface around that I consider my throw anything on it piece. I am not attached to the outcome of this piece. Sometimes I have several at each stage hanging in my studio. I move from one to the other. This allows different aspects of my consciousness to be working at all times.
The painting that many times seems like it paints or completes itself, is the one that I am not attached to. As soon as I give it the precious factor, it loses its; spontaneity. Isn't life like that. Detaching from the outcome is the hardest thing that we all have to do. I welcome the practice in my studio so it makes it a little less nerve racking in the rest of my life.

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