Thursday, June 7, 2012

Resource list for workshop participants

Shadow Galaxy 18x18 sold

This painting was inspired by a Hubble telescope image. It is acrylic on canvas with glass spheres embedded into the surface. A great couple I met in Santa Fe added it to their collection. 

I recently returned from southern CA where I taught three workshops at Create. In one workshop we worked on Plexiglass, painting on both sides. I am going to do another painting inspired by astronomy but I am painting it on three levels of Plexiglas. Look for it next month.

I promised the workshop participants some links for resources so here they are.

Gampi Silk Tissue-

Water slide decals-

Cast acrylic can be found at hardware stores, scraps may be found at frame shops and auto and home window replacement shops carry it. For specialized acrylic sheets-

Krylon brand carries  workable fixative, spray webbing, varnishes and Preserve-It

Hobby Lobby, JoAnnes or Michaels carries fusible web and many craft and paint supplies

Office Supply stores carry transparencies. I use 3M variable use

Jerry's carries Illusions floater frames.

Please email me if I forgot something.

Happy Creating.

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The Other Side

The Other Side
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