Saturday, June 30, 2012

The third of the Joyful Journey series

Joyful Journey 3
This painting's background started with Venetian plaster and then I dragged tools through the wet plaster to make a texture. A multitude of acrylic glazes were built up to create a shimmering surface. Each of the paintings in the Joyful Journey series were created in this manner. They have two "windows" of cast acrylic that are separated by an inch of space. Imagery is created on all sides of the transparent "windows" to create an incredible amount of depth.


Paula Scott said...

I had purchased a can of Behr's venetian plaster from Home Depot to do my boards with. Is that what you do or do you start from scratch? These are fabulous!

Sandra Duran Wilson said...

Hi Paula
good to hear from you. I use a plaster from Innovative Acrylics. There are many more layers of gels, pastes and glaze over the initial plaster texture. I hope you can come to the show on Friday or to the artist talk on Saturday.
Best wishes.

The Other Side

The Other Side
4-panel commissioned painting