Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Art Expo workshop artist

I taught a one day workshop for Art Expo in Santa Fe in September and there were students from all over including 3 from Canada. I ask my students to send me images of the art they create following a workshop. Here is art from Bob Swisher of OK.

Here's what Bob has to say:
"I have been using a several different surface techniques since the workshop, Sandra, but not on board. I returned to my usual canvas background surface, and begin each work with molding paste either stenciled on or usually spread with a palette knife and "chopped" with one of several different-sized Bondo plastic scrapers. I like to paint (or stain or dry brush) over this textured background in each piece:
I just can't (actually, don't want to) escape from my preference for red-orange-yellow brights versus contrasting dark umbers / blacks! I also prefer to use a gloss top coat on my work.
But as you can see, the texturing I learned at the workshop is serving my personal goals well.


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The Other Side
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