Thursday, May 2, 2013

Workshop Whirlwind

I have been traveling and teaching workshops from NM to TX and VA. I have met so many fabulous creative people and shared stories and art. I got home with enough time to unpack and repack for the next journey. I am off to Cincinnati, OH to photograph the steps for my fourth book. This has been my favorite book to create because it has pushed me beyond what I know. The working title is Alternative Surfaces, and it will give you all the info on how to paint on surfaces like cement, glass and aluminum. There are over 35 surfaces we cover, and if you are familiar with the other books, you know how much info is crammed into them. Now we just have to convince our editor Kristy that we really can fit it all in. I'll post some pics from the photo shoot.


Julie Filatoff said...

Sandra, congratulations on getting a shout-out from Donna Downey in her Inspiration Wednesday video yesterday:

Julie Filatoff

Sandra Duran Wilson said...

Hi Julie, thanks for letting me know. I watched the video and loved it. Donna works like me, kinda crazy and loose. Her videos are fun.

The Other Side

The Other Side
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