Monday, November 11, 2013

My Gift to You-Week One

Hi Everyone and welcome to the 8 weeks of giving. I will be posting six paintings each week for eight weeks. These small paintings are available as Buy One Get One Free. I have created many small paintings over the course of teaching and writing and I would love to share them with you. Today I am posting the first grouping of six paintings. They are each priced at $375 and with the $25 shipping to the continental US you may get 2 paintings for the price of $400. This is a fab price for a limited time. If you want to wait and see what is available next week you may mix and match. You may select two of equal price or less. First come gets the paintings. Email me to purchase.

Blowin in the Wind 10x8

side view 1.5 inch depth with painted gold sides

This painting was made during the creation of my third book, Mixed Media Revolution. It is acrylic and collage. It is painted on wood panel, wired and ready for hanging. The finish is a fired resin which gives it depth and a super shiny surface. The blog deal price is $375.00

Jewel Box 10x8 


side view 1.5 inch depth with gold painted sides 

This is another painting from my Mixed Media Revolution book. It is 10x8x1.5 and is acrylic and mixed media on panel. There are leaf skeletons, glitter and black glass beads in the painting. The finish is a fired resin which accentuates the texture and is super glossy. The price is $375.

Lady of the Sea 10x8


side view 1.5 inch depth gold sides

Lady of the Sea is acrylic painted on Venetian plaster on panel. The painting has a fired resin high gloss finish. It is ready for hanging and is $375.

Canyons and Skies 10x8 plus frame

side view with frame


Canyons and Skies is a heavily textured painting on silver leaf on canvas panel. It is framed in a dark gold toned frame. The overall dimensions are 13.25x11.25x1.25 inches. It has a satin finish and is available in the frame only. The blog deal price is $375.

Musica del Mar 10x8 plus frame sold

side view with frame sold

detail sold

This painting is highly textured with wonderful layers of collage and rich color. It is framed in a gold frame ready for hanging. The overall dimensions are 12.75x10.75x1.25 inches. It has a medium gloss finish. The price is $375.

Words, Words 10x8 plus frame

side view with frame

detail with frame

This is a painting with texture, collage and even Scrabble tiles embedded into it. The frame compliments the painting and it is 12.5x10.5x1 inch. It has a high gloss finish. Price-$375.

You may select two paintings for the price of one. Get two paintings with shipping for $400. Email for purchase options. I will be posting six more paintings next week. I will have some paintings for less, but most are in this size and price range. I look forward to hearing from you. Best wishes.

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