Monday, November 17, 2014

Find Your Free Painting - Eight Weeks of Giving Begins Today

Hi Everyone and welcome to the Eight Weeks of Giving. Last years sale was so popular that I have decided to do it again. This year I will be posting eight paintings each week for eight weeks. That is 64 paintings to choose from! These small paintings are available as Buy One Get One Free. I have created many small paintings over the course of teaching and writing and I would love to share them with you.

Simple explanation: You buy one painting and you get a second painting of equal or less price for free. There is a nominal shipping charge for the 48 US States. Here is a tip! If you see a painting you really love, email me to buy it, even if you haven't selected your second painting yet. They sell pretty fast and you don't want to miss out. Each week there will be new paintings posted. If your second painting is larger than your initial purchase we will do a second payment for the balance.

How easy is that. I will also be posting some painting combinations on Facebook that I think go well together.
Today I am posting the first grouping of eight paintings. Enjoy and happy art collecting.

BOGOF offer for small paintings by Sandra Duran Wilson
Flow Like the Sound  Sold

 This little gem of a painting is painted on canvas and it has several layers of paint and transfers. It is finished with a shiny resin surface. It is $225 for 2 and includes shipping. Select.

side view with frame 8x8x2  Sold

science meets art in Sandra Duran Wilson's painting.
This is a really fun little painting. I think of it as simplicity arising from chaos theory. There are many things in this painting like musical notes, weaving imagery and bio mimicry patterns. It is finished with shiny resin. This one is also $225 for 2 and that includes shipping. Select

abstract acrylic painting by Sandra Duran Wilson.
side view with frame 8x8x2

resin painting by Sandra Duran Wilson.
Transformation acrylic with resin
This painting is unique in that I have used the pigments mixed into the resin and I painted with the resin rather than brushes. This one has incredible depth due to this technique. It has a shiny finish and there is collage embedded into the painting. This painting is $650 in the BOGOF deal.

side view with frame 14x11x1.5"
cast acrlic and resin painting by Sandra Duran Wilson
 Sold! Inspiration Glows
This colorful piece is painted on the back side of a cast acrylic panel. You see incredible depth behind a super shiny and smooth surface. It is finished with resin. It is $425 for 2. Select

cast acrylic painting by Sandra Duran Wilson
Sold! side view with frame 11.5x9.5x1.25"

resin collage painting by Sandra Duran Wilson
Calculus Re-imagined Sold
 I found a good use for calculus in a painting. There is collage, crackles, layers, transfers and more in this fun piece. It is finished in a high gloss shiny resin. It is $425 for 2. Select

Sold Calculus Re-imagined side view 10x8x2

lacquer painting by Sandra Duran Wilson
This painting was created during the writing of my fourth book on Alternative Art Surfaces. It has a special lacquer paint that acquires the look of hammered metal and it is painted on metal. Very unique! It is $650 for 2. Select

painting on metal mby Sandra Duran Wilson
Side view with frame 16.5x13.5x1

acrylic wax effects by Sandra Duran Wilson
Sometimes Things are not What They Appear To Be 11x9x1.5

 This painting may look like wax, but it is all acrylic. There are many layers that have gone into this painting and even the edges look like wax. My next book is all about this technique. The finish is a smooth, semi-gloss to satin sheen. You may select this painting and another one of equal value for $425 which includes shipping.

faux encaustic painting by Sandra Duran Wilson
side view with frame

crackles and more by Sandra Duran Wilson
Swimming in a Sea of Hope 11x9x1.5 includes frame BOGOF $425

 This painting has a soft finish, meaning it is not super shiny. The water element has an iridescence to it that doesn't show up in the photo. Beautiful textures and color. This one looks great with the previous painting too.

crackles and texture by Santa Fe artist, Sandra Duran Wilson.
side view with frame

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