Monday, December 22, 2014

Week 6

Welcome to week six of Eight Weeks of Giving, a buy one get one free once a year deal on original small art. This is the week where the paintings start to sell fast because there are many to select from. You may choose paintings from any week and combine them for your buy one get one free deal. You pay for the highest or equally priced painting and receive the second one free. If you want three, then you would pay for the highest priced pair and get the third one at half of the price. Email me your selections or if you have questions.

A Change of Spots 11.25x11.25x1.5

This is a custom size Venetian Plaster painting on panel. It was a demo painting for my workshops and videos so it has many luscious layers. The orange "spots" are textural and raised above the panel. It has a beautiful soft finish and is framed in the same black wood floater frame as are all of the paintings. This is a beauty and it is only $650 for 2. Select

Sold Close Examination 7x7x1.5
This painting has layers of acrylic, collage and transfers. The image on the upper portion is from a photo I took of the test tubes in my lab, or studio. It seems like a lab because I am always experimenting. This painting is $225 for 2. Select

Sold Close Examination side view

Jazz 7x7x1.5  Sold
This painting was part of an experiment from my fourth book on Alternative Art Surfaces. It is painted onto a vinyl tile with acrylic and it is mounted onto wood panel. There are transfers, collage and silk embedded into the painting. It was originally supposed to be named Diamonds but I transposed it with the other painting, so now it is called Jazz. It is $225. Select

Jazz side view  Sold

Sold Diamonds 7x7x1.5
This is another mixed media painting which incorporates acrylic paints, transfers and collage. This one has beautiful depth and a soft finish. It is painted onto a wood panel and framed with the black wood floater frame. It is $225 for 2. Select

Sold Diamonds side view

Sold Evolving 9x9x1.5

 This is another painting made for my fourth book on Alternative Art Surfaces. It has a patina wood panel and a steel panel mounted on top. The steel has been rusted and patina. There is a movable paper element that is held with rare earth magnets. All of this is framed in a black floater frame. It is $325 for 2. Select.
Sold Evolving side view

The Gold Galaxy 7x7x1.5

I have used interference paint over a dark background to achieve the luminous feel of space. There are portions of resin that have been painted and added to the surface. This one is $225 for 2. Select

The Gold Galaxy side view

I See the Song 14x11x1.5
This painting has wonderful depth that is achieved by layering transparent imagery over implied textures. When I hear music I see colors so this is why it is titled this way. This painting is made on wood panel and it has a soft satin like finish. It is $650 for 2. Select

I See the Song side view

Sold! Saturn 11x9x1.5

This painting has wonderful texture and depth. It incorporates metal paints and patinas. There is a great deal of texture and some collage. It has a soft velvet like finish. It is $425 for 2. Select

Sold! Saturn side view

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