Thursday, December 24, 2015

Week 5 of BOGOF special

Here we go with Week 5 of the Buy One Get One Free Deals. You can select paintings from any week. If you see one this week, let me know and I will save it for you until you decide on your second painting. Make sure you get your favorite! Here's how it works:

I post 6 paintings every week for 6 weeks. They are paired by size and price, but you can mix and match. Check out the paintings from this week and from the previous weeks also.You email me and let me know which ones you want and I send them to you. You get two for the price of one!

2 - 6x6 are $250
2 - 8x8 are $350
2 - 10x8 are $450
2 - 12x9 are $650

These prices include shipping to the 48 states. Check with me for international shipping prices.

painting from the book Acrylic Painting for Encaustic Effects
A Wrinkle in Time 12x9

side view with frame
side view with frame 13x10 
 This painting is from Acrylic Painting for Encaustic Effects, my fifth and newest book. It has wonderful textures including glass beads. There is lots of depth and texture. This painting is 2 for $650 and that includes shipping.  Select

Encaustic Effects
Space Travel Dreams 12x9

abstract painting by Sandra Duran Wilson
side view with frame 13x10
 Here is a good mate for the painting above, or pair it with any other painting. This is another one from my newest book. Fun colors and texture. It's only $650 for 2. Select

abstract textures and space
In the Beginning 10x8

from the book Acrylic Painting for Encaustic Effects
side view with frame 11x9
 Yet another one from the book. This one has gotten a lot of likes on Facebook and it has touchable texture. It is $450 for 2 and includes shipping. Select

painting by Sandra Duran Wilson
The Matrix Fades Away 10x8

Faux Encaustic painting
side view with frame 11x9
 This one appears on the cover of Acrylic Painting for Encaustic Effects and it is one of my favorites. It really does look like wax but it is all acrylic. Get it and another for $450. Select

mixed media collage painting
Multiverse 8x8

mixed media collage painting
side view with frame 9x9
 This painting has book pages collaged on the background and multiple layers of gels, pastes and paint built up in colorful layers. It is only $350 for 2 including shipping. Select

collage mixed media painting
Sonnets 8x8

sound made visible
side view with frame 9x9
Here is a great partner for the painting above. It too has book pages and collage with many layers. These two make a nice grouping and they are only $350 for both. A once a year deal. Select

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