Monday, April 3, 2017

Abstract Contemporary Mixed Media Art Painting “STAIRWAY TO THE SKY" by Santa Fe Contemporary Artist Sandra Duran Wilson

Implied and applied texture add depth and the layers of color bring richness to this mixed media painting. 

10"x10"x1" Mixed Media on Cradled Panel

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Art Lessons: Volume 3 with Sandra Duran

 Wilson Venetian Plaster Party   


By Sandra Duran Wilson

Format: Art Lesson Download

Join Sandra Duran Wilson for a Venetian Plaster Party! Learn how to build layers with a variety of materials and techniques: emboss, embed, color, and distress plaster, excavate the layers, and more-- all over a rich and colorful background. Let this Art Lesson help you add real texture and depth to your paintings.

Sandra Duran Wilson is a mixed-media artist and closet scientist. She loves to experiment and explore the potential of materials and pushes them to find new uses. She is a painter, sculptor, workshop instructor, and the author of five books, including Acrylic Painting for Encaustic Effects. Sandra teaches classes around the U.S. and abroad. Her work is found in public, educational, and private collections around the world.

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