Thursday, December 28, 2017

BOGO Week 5

Welcome to my 6th annual BOGO Free, Six Weeks of Giving. Each year for a limited time I make my paintings available for an incredible deal. You buy one and you get one free. The pricing even includes shipping to the continental US. Contact me for other shipping options. Because these prices are already an incredible value, I accept checks, but you may pay with a credit card for a 3% charge to cover the fees.

Here are the selections for week 5. The BOGO began December 1st and will last for six weeks. I will post 10 paintings each week so you still have an incredible selection to choose from. I love doing this every year because I connect with so many new collectors, and reconnect with long time friends. If you see something you like, email me right away so you can claim it. Don't let your favorite get away. Shipping went up this year so the prices are just slightly higher than last year to cover the increase.

We are getting close to the end of the BOGO, one more week to go. Select ones you like; you may choose from any week. If you see one you like, let me know and I will save it until you find your second painting. They go fast! When you have made all of your selections, send me a check and I send you the paintings. If you need another form of payment contact me for options. Here are the prices. Remember this is the price for 2 paintings including shipping to the continental US. This special only happens once a year for a very limited time. Don't miss out!

2 - 7x7 for $275 and it includes shipping
2 - 9x9 for $375
2 - 11x9 for $475
2 - 12x9 for $675-these are cradled, no frames
2 - 13x10 for $675
2 - 12x12x2.5 $775
2 - 13x13 for $775
2-  16x13 for $875
2 - 14x14 for $975 
2 - 26x14 for $1475 

Some frame sizes vary in width and depth, and some are unframed. All framed ones are in black wood floater frames. Check overall dimensions and descriptions. If you have any questions please email me. The two paintings you select only have to be the same price. If you select 2 different priced paintings you will pay the price for the higher of the two.

space, galaxy mixed media painting
The Outer Rings 10.25"x10.25"

galaxy painting
The Outer Rings - side view

This beauty has loads of texture you can jump right into. It follows my galactic theme and it has a shiny finish. There are glass beads and metallic paints, layered with clear crackles. All of this packed into a square framed piece that is only $375 for 2 including shipping. Contact me.

vibrant purples and orange painting
Stairway to the Sky 10.25"x10.25"

texture, colorful abstract painting
Stairway to the Sky - side view

This painting teams nicely with the first one. It too has incredible texture and luminescent paints. You can have both of these for $375 including shipping. Claim them soon, they go fast. Contact

architecture and abstract painting
The Imaginary Door 11"x9"x1.5"  SOLD!

texture colors and door ways
The Imaginary Door - side view  SOLD!

This piece reminds me of a dream where the door or window is fading in and out of reality. Open it and find new opportunities. This acrylic on panel is framed in a black wood float frame and is ready to hang. This painting is $475 for 2 and includes shipping. Contact me

copper crackles and floral
Lotus 11.5"x9.5"x1.25"

abstract vibrant floral
Lotus - side view

This painting has wonderful copper paints, transfers and lots of colorful layers. This piece has a slightly different frame size. Some have different dimensions, but they are all black wood float frames and hang well together. This painting is $475 for 2. Email me.

abstracr colorful graphics
Venus Rising 9.25"x7.25" SOLD!

Santa Fe artist Sandra Duran Wilson
Venus Rising - side view  SOLD!

This little gem has a lot going on. The color layers vibrate with energy and the lines carry your eye around the whole painting. This piece is only $275 for 2 including shipping. Remember you can pick two of the same price from any week. Contact me to select this painting.

galaxy, lunar, colorful painting
Shadow Moons 9.25"x7.25"

abstract Santa Fe painter
Shadow Moons - side view

I made this painting to go along with the Venus Rising piece. I will also have 2 more this size next week. For this price you could start a mini collection. I love this size because they can go anywhere, even on a bookshelf. This piece is $275 for 2. Select this by emailing me.

clay and pours
Gateway 14"x14"x1.5"

mixed media texture square painting
Gateway - side view

This acrylic mixed media is on canvas and the imagery extends around the edges so there is no need for framing. There are so many wonderful layers, depth and detail in this painting. There is even a clay spiral that adds more dimension. This piece is $975 for 2 including shipping. Contact me.

textures, crackles and space
Life Lines 14"x14"x1.5"

blue, copper and circles
Life Lines - side view

This acrylic mixed media painting is also on canvas and the imagery wraps around the edges. It is wired and ready to hang. The layers of color add depth and the golden planets have texture and dimension. This piece is $975 for 2. Contact me.  

green red gold
Fabric of Time 9"x9"x1.5"

Santa Fe abstract painter
Fabric of Time - side view

The patterns in this acrylic on panel painting are layers of paint and texture. The gold rectangles appear to float above the surface. This piece is $375 for 2. There are several to choose from in this size. Take a look at the other weeks too. Email me.

pale blue copper and red
Sacred Trees 9"x9"x1.5"

Santa Fe abstract artist
Sacred Trees - side view

I love the soft texture in this piece, they way it holds the acrylic paint on panel. The trees feel like they are floating in a mist. This piece is $375 for 2. Contact me to save this piece.

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