Friday, May 15, 2009

Australian Art Opening

April 3, 2009

Fyre Gallery

Braidwood, NSW AU

Wow, what a great time we had. The opening and the entire trip was a wonderful, beautiful and an inspirational journey, and it continues.
Pictured from left: AnaMaria Samaniego, myself, Suzanne Bellamy, printmaker and ceramic artist, and Cheryl Hannah gallery owner. We are in front of the signature wall for the opening. Thanks to the hard work and inspirational vision of Cheryl and her partner, Helen McKenna, the show was a fabulous success. Lots of folks came, ate, drank, appreciated art and collected.

We held an artist talk on Sunday and then on Tuesday we traveled to Goulburn to give a talk and demo for the printmaking students at TAFE Arts and Media Department. We even got to go to both Suzanne Bellamy and Marianne Courtney's studios. We were wined, dined and given the royal treatment by all we met. What an opportunity to get to know artists and share inspirational ideas and techniques. I hope to get back to Australia to teach a workshop.

AnaMaria and Sandra at TAFE Goulburn Campus

We were able to travel a bit in New South Wales. We went from the Snowy Mountains to the tide pools and beaches at Depot Beach and the tree fern grottoes of Penance Grove. You will be seeing work inspired by these places. I will post inspirational photos and finished paintings as they are completed.

Tree Ferns in Penance Grove

I would like to thank everyone in Australia that made our trip such a memorable experience.

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Hannahfyre said...

Hi Sandra. You have inspired me to commence a blog (Hannahfyre Diary). It is wonderful to know that your time with us has inspired new work. The show closes on Monday and it will be sad to close the doors. We are looking forward to seeing you in October. Cheryl Hannah

The Other Side

The Other Side
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