Monday, October 5, 2009

The Nest

Australia is still resonating with me. Cheryl and Helen are here visiting from Braidwood and all the good memories of the opening in April come flooding back. I am very grateful to both of them for being such great gallerists and good friends.
Cheryl chose this painting to add to her collection. It is called The Nest and it is painted on venetian plaster. The initial layer of plaster had pigment put in while still wet. This is a fresco technique. I then layered images and glazes. A transfer of the nest like image was added and more layers of mediums. Reverse painting collage was the final layer, then more acrylic mediums and finally varnish. The painting looks like it is made from wax, but it is all acrylic.

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The Other Side

The Other Side
4-panel commissioned painting