Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Time Warps and Wormholes

Portal 22x15 oil on paper

Time has slipped away at warp speed once again and I think I have fallen through the rabbit wormhole and come out on the other side of tomorrow. If that's not enough to twist your mind try this collagraph work on paper called Portal. For you printmakers, it is a triple drop with a gum arabic transfer collage and silk over that. For all other normal people I think it is a beautifully textured work that is ready to be framed. I am sending out my newsletter tomorrow with a special Holiday invite. Check it out. I hope to post again soon now that I found the key to the time machine. Happy December.

1 comment:

Tonia said...

This is beautiful, Sandra! I really love it. Makes me think of tranquil moon and the water.

The Other Side

The Other Side
4-panel commissioned painting