Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Once in a Lifetime

Today is 12/12/12 and the end of the possible date matches until the next century. I like the sound of these numbers. I have synesthesia, or a crossing of the senses. For me numbers are associated with frequencies or sounds. These numbers, 12/12/12 are very soothing, tranquil and rhythmic. I like the hope that their song conveys and the colors that are emitted. I finished a painting a week or so ago and it represents how these numbers look, sound and feel to me. It is called Light the Way.

Light The Way 14x14
I did a meditation today about these numbers and their significance. I considered where I would like to be in one month, two months and twelve months from today. I like to set goals, but I also like to be open to the unexpected twists and turns that arise and to be flexible enough to see the gifts in these unexpected turns. I wish to extend my thanks to all of you who are Lighting the way for all of us with your fresh creative perspectives and your steady acceptance. Keep up the great work.

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The Other Side

The Other Side
4-panel commissioned painting