Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Week Three of My Gift to You

Hi Everyone, and here are the six paintings for Week 3 of my BOGOF offer. Give yourself a gift and someone on your list too! The paintings this week are all 8x10, plus some have frames. You may combine them with any of the available paintings from the first two weeks. These paintings are all priced at $375 plus $25 shipping. So, for $400 you get 2 paintings delivered to you. This offer only lasts through the end of the year. Please pass this along to anyone you think may be interested.

Thank you all and may your Thanksgiving be filled with a lot of love.

Garden Party 2 10x8" Just sold!

Sold side view

Sold detail
Garden Party is painted on panel that is 1.5 deep. It has a fired resin high gloss finish.

Imagine 10x8 plus frame size sold
Imagine side view, the frame adds about 2" sold
Imagine detail sold
This painting has a multitude of layers incorporating resists, collage and transfers. The painting has a gloss finish.

Corsica 8x10
Corsica side view
Corsica detail
Corsica is painted on canvas and it extends all around the edges. The window is a transfer of a photo I took in the village of Bastelica on the island of Corsica. The finish looks like wax, but it is all acrylic.

SOLD! Orbits 10x8 plus frame
SOLD! Orbits side view
SOLD! Orbits detail
Orbits was created for my second book. The circles and orbs are made from pure acrylic and embedded into the painting. The surface is a super shiny fired resin finish and the frame adds about 2" to the overall dimensions.

Formula to the Skies
Formula to the Skies side view
Formula to the Skies detail
Formula was another painting created on panel. It incorporates collage of painted technical pages. The finish is a high gloss fired resin and the sides are painted black. The depth is 1.5"

The Future is History 10x8
The Future is History side view
The Future is History detail
The Future is History is painted on panel and incorporates collage and multiple paint layers. The finish is a high gloss resin finish. The frame adds about 2".
All the paintings this week are priced at 2 for $375 + $25 shipping+total $400 pure delight.

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