Tuesday, December 3, 2013

My Gift to You Week 4

We are now half way through the eight weeks of giving. This week I am posting six 8x8" paintings. Most are framed in black floater frames and this makes the size about 10x10" and 2" deep. Select a painting and get a second one of equal or less price for free. You can give yourself a gift too! This size painting is priced at $300 plus $25 shipping. Week two also has 8x8 paintings posted to select from. Please email me today to get your paintings in time for the holidays. Best wishes to you all.

Sold Earth Lines 8x8 plus frame

Sold Earth Lines side
Sold Earth Lines detail

Earth Lines is acrylic painted on top of gold leaf. There are thin layers of textured paint skins added on top and the overall finish is glossy. The shadows on the added gold leaf areas give the painting added depth. This painting is just finished today! Contact

Growing Compassion 8x8x2sold
Growing Compassion side view sold

Growing Compassion detail sold
This painting is also painted on top of gold leaf. I have incorporated transfers and collage. The sides of the painting are finished in a natural wood color and sealed with wax. The painting has a gloss finish. Contact

Spirit Lines 8x8 plus frame sold

Spirit Lines side view sold
Spirit Lines detail sold
This acrylic painting incorporates gold metallic paints, paint lines created and then adhered to the surface and gold leaf on top of a texture created using a stencil. This painting was created during the writing of my online class, so some of you may recognize it. The painting has a gloss finish.

SOLD! Thoughts 8x8 plus frame

SOLD! Thoughts side view
Sold Thoughts detail
This painting was also created during the making of my All That Glows online class. I have incorporated interference paints, which are difficult to see in a photograph, but there is a color shift from gold to purple in the top portion. The thought bubbles are both painted and collaged. This painting has a gloss finish. Email

Space Dance 8x8 plus frame
Space Dance side view
Space Dance detail
This painting is made on aluminum and it really glows. There are transfers and collage and the finish is super high gloss fired resin. This painting also appeared in Nancy Reyner's newest book Acrylic Illuminations. Buy!

Delightful 8x8 plus frame sold
Delightful side view sold
Delightful detail sold

You can see from this detail shot how much texture and details are packed into this little gem. I love this painting and it has been in my home for awhile, but now I am willing to share it with you. It has a super glossy fired resin finish. All of these paintings are priced at $300 + $25 shipping, so you get two paintings for this incredible deal of $325. Contact me today before they are gone.

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