Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Week 7 of Eight Weeks of Giving

Happy Solstice and Merry Christmas everyone. I have a special treat today; there are 9 paintings to choose from instead of just six. They are various sizes, but you may mix and match your BOGOF deal. Select two paintings and get the second one free. The price is the largest painting size. I wish to thank all of you my collectors, fans, readers and students for making this such a beautiful and creative season. I wish for you all peace, love and joy. Thank you.

Earth Mother 1 8x8 plus frame sold
 Earth Mother 1 side view sold
Earth Mother detail sold
Earth Mother is for the texture lover. There is a rich multi-colored textural cracked surface on the bottom portion and multiple layers of paint and transfers on the top, all framed in a black frame. This size is $300 plus $25 for shipping. That is the price for two paintings. Select

Sold! Garden Party 1-10x8 plus frame
Sold! Garden Party 1-side view
Sold! Garden Party 1-detail
This painting was created for my book Surface Treatment Workshop. It has transparent layers and a wonderful texture collaged onto the surface. This painting is $425, including shipping for two! Select

Reflections of Pi 10x8
Reflections of Pi-side view
Reflections of Pi-detail
This is another painting made for my third book. I love the details and layers in this painting. It is painted on a wood panel with sides painted black. This painting is $375 plus $25 shipping. Remember that is for two paintings. Select

Sold! Relics 1 10x8 plus frame
Sold! Relics 1 -side view
Sold! Relics 1-detail
Relics 1 is painted on panel with multiple layers and sanded back to reveal the history of the layers. There are wonderful collage elements embedded into the piece. It is $425 with shipping for 2. Select

Spiral Nebula 6x6 plus frame sold
Spiral Nebula-side view sold
Spiral Nebula-detail sold
I just finished this sweet little painting. It may look like encaustic but it is all acrylic. There is wonderful depth amid the translucent layers. This one is only $200 +$25 shipping for 2. Select

Star Creation 6x6 plus frame sold
Star Creation -side view sold
Star Creation-detail sold
Another brand new painting. It has almost a water color look but it is acrylic and there is a transfer onto clayboard on the top portion. This one is $225, includes shipping, for 2. Select

The Missing Link 10x8 sold
The Missing Link-side view sold
The Missing Link-detail sold
This is another painting created for my second book. It even has a puzzle piece embedded into it. This painting is on panel with painted sides and it is only $375 plus $25 shipping for 2. Select

The Seat of Knowledge 10x8
The Seat of Knowledge-side view
The Seat of Knowledge-detail
You can see all the layers of text, imagery and paint. It is on panel with painted sides and sells for $375 plus $25 shipping for 2 paintings. Select

Tropical Delight 8x10
Tropical Delight-side view
Tropical Delight-detail
We will wrap up this weeks selection with a tribute to my friends down south. This painting was created in the process of writing one of my online classes. It is $375 plus shipping for 2. Select

Have a wonderful and blessed holiday. I have one more week to post and I will have some great surprises and treats for you all.


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