Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Week 8-The Final Week for BOGOF

Well here we are at the end of 2013 and the final week of The Eight Weeks of Giving. You have this final week to make your selections from all of the paintings that have been posted over the eight weeks; that is from the ones that are still available. This has been a very successful experiment and I plan to repeat it next year, but you only have one week left to decide which paintings you are going to get for your Buy One Get One Free Deal. The paintings posted this week are an incredible value compared to what they are normally priced at. The other great deal I talked about last week is that you may select a third painting for half price. So let's say you get two paintings for $400 plus shipping and you like another painting that is also in that price range or lower. You could select the third painting for $200 (or half or what it is priced at) so you get 3 paintings for $600 plus $35 shipping. So without further ado, here are the 9 paintings for this week. Yes, nine paintings.

Circular Time 12x6 on canvas

Circular Time - side view

Circular Time - detail
This painting on canvas has wonderful depth created by the many paint layers and collage. Circles represent non-linear time to me and you see them a lot in my work. This one is only $300. Select

Sold Moon Bridge 12x6

Sold Moon Bridge - side view

Sold Moon Bridge - detail

 This is another painting on canvas. It has some wonderful textures, collage, transfers and multiple layers. This painting is also $300, so that is $300 for 2 paintings, plus $25 shipping. Select

Portals to the Past 12x6

Portals to the Past - side view
Portals to the Past - detail
This is the third painting on canvas in this size. The painting curves all around the sides and gives this little gem big impact. It is also $300 for 2. So if you wanted all 3 you could have them for $450 plus $35 shipping. These little paintings usually sell for $400 each! Select

Connect the Dots 12x9
Connect the Dots - side view
Connect the Dots - detail
This painting on canvas is painted over silver leaf, and the leaf extends around the inverted sides. It makes a wonderful presentation. Deep texture adds to the mystery. This painting is $400. Select

Fractal Fragments 8x16 sold
Fractal Fragments - side view sold
Fractal Fragment -detail sold
This painting on canvas was created for my third book, Mixed Media Revolution, and it has crackles galore. There are both real crackles and perceived crackles. The painting may be hung either vertical or horizontal, and it is only $500 for two. Select

Point Perpendicular to Plane 8x16 sold
Point Perpendicular to Plane - side view sold
Point Perpendicular to Plane - side view sold
This fun painting on canvas was inspired by a poem I wrote way back in high school, yes I was a geek. I have incorporated some of my etchings and monoprints on rice paper into the painting. This painting is also $500 for 2. It is regularly priced at $750. What a wonderful piece. Select

Sold! Earth Mother II - 11.5x11.5
Sold! Earth Mother II - side view
Sold! Earth Mother II - detail
This wonderfully textured painting is created with layers of Venetian Plaster on panel. There is bark paper and leaf skeletons embedded into the plaster and then gently revealed. This painting is $600 for 2 plus $25 shipping. Select

Sold! Infinity 11.5x11.5
Sold! Infinity - side view
Sold! Infinity - detail
This is another painting on panel with Venetian Plaster. This is one of my favorite paintings because of the colors, textures and concepts that are embedded into the layers. This one is also $600 for 2.

Raven Dance 14x12 plus frame
Raven Dance - side view
Raven Dance - detail
I created this painting for an online class that I wrote. It has some wonderful details that will keep you entertained for years. This painting is only $600 for 2. Select
Check out my Facebook page for possible pairings that I think work well together.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing all of the paintings and I wish you all a very Happy New Year. May it be filled with love, creativity, acceptance and peace of mind.

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