Friday, April 4, 2014

New Work

I Am the Door
This painting combines gels and pastes to create a rich background for my photograph. I took this photo in Braidwood, NSW where my Australian gallery is located.


Eileen said...

I love this piece. Will you share if this is a photo transfer or did you paint the image of the door.
All your courses at Joggles are sold out. Are you creating leaf and what you did with this piece?
Thanks Sandra.

Sandra Duran Wilson said...

Hi Eileen
Thanks, yes this is an image transfer from a photo I took. You can see the painting underneath the light colored areas of the door. The Joggles classes will be rerun later this year.

Cheryl Hannah said...

Fantastic to see a little of Braidwood NSW turning up in your work still. Can't wait to see you in January 2015.

The Other Side

The Other Side
4-panel commissioned painting