Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A Good Match is Worth the Wait

I have selected a few more paintings from the BOGOF deal that I think pair up very well together. You get two paintings for the price of one,  including free shipping. Contact me to get your paintings. Happy New Year.

Just Sold! Inspiration Glows 11.5x9.5x1.25

Just Sold! side view with frame

 Even though these two paintings have very different finishes, I think the colors and textures play well off of each other. Inspiration Glows is a reverse painting on cast acrylic. All of the texture is on the back side so the surface remains very smooth. It has a shiny resin finish.

Saturn is the opposite with heavy textures built up that you just want to touch. There is plaster and glass beads embedded into the materials. The colors resonate with each other and it is like sweet and sour, they just go together. You may select both of these paintings for only $425 and it is free shipping. Select these two.

Just Sold! Saturn 11x9x1.5

Just Sold! Saturn-side view

Here are two more small paintings that pair together very nicely. They are only $225 for both!

Sold Aria

Sold Aria side view

These two paintings are another quirky pair because they are two different surfaces. Aria is painted on a mirrored cast acrylic surface. It shows wonderful depth and it is finished with a high gloss resin.

New Leaf, is venetian plaster painted with acrylic and finished with Beeswax. There is an actual leaf skeleton embedded into the plaster and wax. These are two that many folks wouldn't think of to put together but I think they pull together textures and surfaces and colors very nicely. sold

Sold  New Leaf

Sold  side view New Leaf
Heck you could even get all four of these paintings for only $650. My paintings are only this price once a year, so take advantage,

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The Other Side

The Other Side
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