Monday, January 12, 2015

BOGOF continues

Hi Everyone
I have decided to continue the Buy One Get One Free painting deal through the end of the month. I have posted 64 paintings, and although many have already found new homes, there are still some beauties available. Here are some that go together well that are still available. I will be posting different combinations I think work together well.

Check these out and email me with your selections. You get 2 paintings for the price of one and free shipping too!

Sold Flow Like the Sound 8x8x2
 Acrylic on canvas with a super shiny resin finish.

Sold Flow-side view with frame

Simplify 8x8x2

This painting is also on canvas with a super shiny resin finish. Both of these paintings incorporate many layers of paint and transfers.

Simplify-side view with frame

These paintings are $225 for both and include shipping.

Sold  Facets 9x7x1.5
This little gem has a sparkle to it like facets in a gemstone. It has a shiny finish and wonderful texture. It is painted on a clay coated wood panel. This painting is $225 for two.

Sold  Facets-side view with frame

Sold  New Directions 8x8x2
This little painting has it all: gold leaf, crackles, texture and vibrant color. It is painted on a wood panel and it is finished with a gloss acrylic finish. This painting is $225 for 2.

Sold  New Directions-side view with frame
These two paintings are also $225 for two including shipping. Email me to add these to your collection.

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The Other Side

The Other Side
4-panel commissioned painting