Monday, January 5, 2015

Week Eight

The Final Postings for the Eight Weeks of Giving
A Buy One Get One Free Painting Special

So here are the final eight paintings. There are still many available, so check out all the weeks to find your favorites.

mixed media painting with iridescent colors
Song Clouds 11x9x1.5
This wonderful painting has great depth, texture and iridescent colors. Your eyes move in and out of the clouds. The painting is on panel and has a soft satiny finish. It is $425 for 2. Select

abstract mixed media by Sandra Duran Wilson
Song Clouds side view

colorful square painting
Sold Old World Charm 9x9x1.5

This painting is one from my next book which is on Faux Encaustic. It is painted on a panel and then there is a layer of a special material that has paint and transfer on both sides. This painting has incredible depth and it looks like wax, but it's not. It is $325 for 2. Select

painting by Sandra Duran Wilson
Sold Old World Charm side view

textures, crackles and collage
Sold Strata 11x9x1.5

The rich colors, textures and crackles are so much fun. This painting is like the layers of earth and stone. There is even a painted leaf skeleton embedded into the strata. $425 for 2. Select

colorful abstract textural painting
Sold Strata side view

text and geometery in painting
Sold Geometric Dance 11x9x1.5
This painting makes geometry look easy. Transparent transfers reveal underlying resists and the writing is on a silk tissue paper that is embedded into the layers. $425 for 2. Select

mixed media painting by Sandra Duran Wilson
Sold Geometric Dance side view

collage painting
Sold Corsican Flowers 7.5x7.5x1.5
This fun little painting has loads of texture and layers. There is collage, drawing and stenciling all combined on a panel with a waxy looking finish. This painting is only $225 for 2. Select

Sold Corsican Flowers side view

resin and gold painting
Sold Venus 9x11x1.5
This is a painting on cast acrylic. It has several layers that are combined using resin. The back layer is a gold layer that reflects the light back out to the viewer. It is only $425 for 2. Select

resin collage painting
Sold Venus side view

resin and cast acrylic
Sold The Observatory 11x13.5x1.5
Here is another painting using resin layers. This one has a panel background and several layers of thin acrylic that is painted, printed and combined with a high gloss resin. $650 for 2. Select

abstract space painting by Sandra Duran Wilson
Sold The Observatory side view

abstract collage painting
Visions 9x7x1.5  Sold

This little gem has it all: textures, transfers, collage, gold leaf, silver, writing and painted fabric. It is all on a panel and has a soft satin finish. This painting is only $225 for 2. Select

text and textures
Visions side view  Sold

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